Mother’s Day Brunch featuring a nutella & peanut butter French toast sandwich

As another Monday follows another Mother’s Day Sunday, I am sitting with no power, in the dark with my family, I must say, a cool way to start the week! With that said, it does not take away from my experience over the weekend. To start, I was able to do something that I have only dreamed of pretty much my entire life, and that is film my own cooking show. Ever since I was a kid burning chicken breast on my Mom and Dad’s pit, I have wanted to do something with food, as it is hands-down my biggest passion, outside of my family.

My family…they are unreal. I have (I’m biased of course) the coolest, most beautiful, sweet, empathetic little 3 1/2 year old little girl you have literally ever met. She’s like a well-behaved 12 year old as she seems to understand and rationalize things even I sometimes struggle with. Which brings me to how she got here (no, not that, get your mind out the gutter), my wife, the most beautiful, understanding, forgiving, smart (tolerant) woman on this planet, Brittany!

So, while the start of this weekend was all about me, the end of the weekend was all about Momma, as it should be. I am so grateful to have a family that lets me chase my dreams, no matter how crazy they may have seemed in 2015. Cooking the French toast sandwich (recipe to come) is only half the fun, it’s watching my wife and daughter be genuinely happy while eating it that really brings me my greatest joy! Food is amazing thing…and we, at #virtualtailgate, intend on bringing A LOT more!



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