Official Summer Spirits: Tequila, lime and, wait for it…Rosé!

It is officially summertime, and with that comes the warm bath of sunshine, the smell of summer rains and a little sweat on the ole upper lip. For me, it means tank tops, backwards hats and grilling outside with my family and friends. You can catch me on any given Friday, Saturday, or Sunday outside in that exact setup with some meat on the pit, the wife probably has some banging sides cookin’ up inside and we are sitting around outside while the kids play in sprinkler (would be a pool but…TWINS 😊).

While I usually just reach for an icy cold snack, aka brew, aka cole beeyah, aka brewhaha (you get the point), sometimes I do like to indulge and get a little creative. I tried a drink for the first-time last summer, and let me tell you…daaaaaaannnggg, it was good. Have you ever considered mixing tequila, lime and wine? I’ll stop you right there, of course you haven’t, and neither had I until this magic day.

Without further ado… let me present the Tequila, lime and Rose spritzer. Try the below recipe the next time you are hanging out and looking for something different to drink. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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1.) Nice bottle of semi dry SPARKLING Rose
Benedetto’s has a great selection for roughly $10
2.) Tequila of choice – I have only ever made this with clear/white tequila
3.) 2-3 cups of fresh squeezed lime juice
4.) Fresh mint
5.) Large pitcher

1.) Pour entire bottle of Rose into pitcher
2.) Pour roughly 4-5 ounces of tequila (if you feelin’ froggy, get a little more in there)
3.) Pour 1-2 cups of fresh lime juice to taste
4.) “Bruise” mint- basically bang it up a little bit to bring out the oils and smells
5.) Stir and pour over ice


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