#ThirstyThursday Aperol Spritz

#ThirstyThursday (on a Friday) Aperol Spritz

What up to my #VTG fam!! Today we gonna shake it up a little bit and talk about an Aperitif. Aperitifs are usually served before dinner or other meals to stimulate the appetite because of its lower alcohol and sugar content. Now, I don’t know about many of you, but I for one don’t need my appetite stimulated. So, my interest in this kind of drink began whence I had the inclination that I had drank up all the bourbon and needed something new…

Honestly, my wife is a big fan of different restaurants’ signature cocktails. New Orleans has some of the greatest in the history of the cocktail and has even invented more than its share. Well, many of these signature cocktails have cordials and mixers that are a bit off the beaten path of your bourbon and water, coke, sprite, or the highly sought-after gold top Miller Lite. One of these ingredients are bitters. The peculiar aroma and taste of Peychauds Bitters left me intrigued and wanting more. This is where the journey began.
The Aperol Spritz is an easy drink, and it has a refreshing flavor and feel to it. I tell you what, I may over-do it from time to time, but it sure does get my appetite crankin! Check into this classic orange flavored cocktail that is not overly sweet, nor is it overly curious.

-Chef Nic

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2 oz Prosecco (any bubbly will do)
1 ¼ oz Aperol
Splash of Soda water (or mineral water)
Shake and pour over ice
Garnish with a wedge of orange

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