Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is always a time of reflection for me. Its a new season, the year coming to an end, and just a time when family gathers to give thanks for each other. Not this year. 2020 has given us all a host of new challenges that in one way or another have impacted our lives as we knew it. But with this I still find reason for giving thanks.

Through the quarantined times, we have grown fonder of our social media accounts and we have become the person that we wish to be; some people are overly happy and bubbling with compliment, while others are filled with hate and spew corrections in a negative tone to all unassuming mistake makers out there. (Thank you spell check!) Regardless of which polar end you are, we have seen the demeanor mellow out towards the end of the year. People have taken a walk on the wild side and now are returning to more of the center of the road, where things all make more sense…The center road where we all congregate seems to be…the kitchen!

On the #virtualtailgate pages we are seeing outstanding growth in users culinary prowess! While there is always a place for “the Dixie fine china” we are seeing more platings that would make the most refined of pallets salivate as if Pavlov had just rang his bell. We see that gatherings have gotten smaller, yet more concentrated. What’s important has taken on a new life and the theme seems to be quality over quantity! As we adjust to these times, I would like to express my thanks to all who are reading this. You are one of the things that makes me very happy and I am thankful that I get to experience growth with you all thus far, and for years to come!

Remember folks, not every day is a great day, but every day is GAME DAY! How do YOU #virtualtailgate?!

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